Monday, July 02, 2012

Weekends ROCK!

Monday again!  We are almost 2 weeks down in the boot camp countdown and I couldn't be more excited.  We have moments where we get a bit anxious but overall everyone is calmly awaiting him to get his butt outta there.

I'm sending him funnies... like this one:

Hey Bub.  Hope you are having fun at summer camp.  We're all sweating to death here in the zillion degree heat wishing WE were at summer camp instead.  Hope you enjoy your vacation.  Love, Mom

Yep, I'm sure he is loving it.  This week's letters will probably only get more sassy.  Oh well, he's used to me.

This weekend was awesome.  Hotties from the EC 'Hood made an appearance at the Color Run and we had a BLAST!  Who knew it was that fun to get dirty?

Saturday we attended our great friends Annual 4th of July Fish Fry.  Yummo!  Kate and E joined in for the fun and although it was a scorching zillion degrees we somehow managed to sweat a little fun.  Oh, and Kate and I got in some lunch, shopping and new toes, too!

Thanks for the 'mallow, KFain!

Stomping on the poppers... "I did it!!" 

Parks finished the night with an awesome fireworks display to rival even the city's efforts!  Best seat in the house... right in the driveway!

To top off a great weekend, my book club girls and I had our first annual summer outing to see none other than Magic Mike.  Zero plot.  Stupid story line.  But seriously hot guys.  'nough said.  Our eyes look SCARY but this is everyone in the club, minus our good friends PB and Trai.  Fellow moviegoers were quite pleased with our antics, I'm sure!

Looking forward to some continued summer fun this week!

Happy Monday, friends!


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