Wednesday, July 25, 2012

This is How We Do It

The Yankees did it.  They totally did.  Without whining.  Without arguing.  Without complaint.

They went onto the field.  They swung their bats.  They caught pop flies.  They executed plays.

And they won.

Congratulations to the 2012 Mustang 10 World Series Champions!

You earned every single second of glory from this win.

Special shout out to little guy for his out of the park home run last night.  And his last strike of the season being a burner on one of their best hitters.  You rock, buddy.  Momma is so proud of you!

Crossing the plate after his homerun

Oh, and to echo yesterday's blog, this is what a FAMILY looks like.  This pic displays bio moms and dads, step moms and dads, bio grandparents, step grandparents, etc. from every boy on our team.  They sat in harmony, clapped and cheered through the game and reveled in the win for their sons together.  Nobody stayed home missing out on one of their son's monumental moment.  See, it can be done.  This is what it looks like when it works right.

So many people we couldn't get them all in the frame!

Happy Wednesday, friends!


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  1. Congrats, Yankees!! And to Little Guy! Well done!