Saturday, July 21, 2012

These are MY Truths

I first started to blog the day before my 38th birthday and the journey has most definitely been an eye opening experience.  It has become so much more than I originally thought it would be.  It's my story, my journey, my perspective.  The entries contained within are my experiences and my opinions. 

They aren't right or wrong.  They are mine.

It's fascinating to me that anyone really would care about something I write.  Especially if they don't know me in the first place.  Sure, my friends and family have opinions about what I write.  As expected, since I usually write about them.  But as always, I am shocked when people lash out about something in my blog that don't even know me.  I seriously don't get it. 

I think maybe it's time to address a few items openly to hopefully help those that struggle with my posts.

If you don't know me, don't assume to understand me. 

If you have never met me (or have only met me once or twice) you cannot possibly know or understand the journey that brought me to this singular moment in time.  Just because you may have a friend or two (or ex) in common with me does not make you the expert on all things ME.  Unless you have looked in my eyes, walked in my shoes or verbally addressed me you cannot possibly claim anything I write is correct or incorrect.

My posts are MY opinions, not yours.

I may write something from time to time that hurts your feelings.  You may disagree with me.  And that's okay.  But just because you don't agree with me does not constitute me being a "liar".  I learned at about age 6 that there is my opinion, your opinion and the truth somewhere in between.  Everyone has a different perspective and they may not be able to come to a consensus of the true intent of a situation.  When you place even more spaces between the two people experiencing an event the truth becomes even more muddled (OMG - did you hear what she said about what he told his best friend?)  Yeah, by the time you hear whatever that was, I'm sure it's jacked up. 

Firsthand is always best.

As I look through my old posts, most of them are in the first person.  They are about me saying how I feel about something.  Or my kids.  Or my spouse.  Which makes since... afterall, it is my blog.  Sure, you may share an experience with me, or my kids or my spouse.  But my posts are MY perspective.  If I happen to indicate something negative (which I try hard not to do unless I'm reacting to something) and it upsets you then you'll have to address that with me.  Or just stop reading my blog. 

What's Mine is Mine

Ever heard that saying "I can be mad at my family, but you can't?'  My BFF and I use it all the time to remind each other that as best friends we always look out for each other but when we are mad at someone in our families we are able to vent to one another without repercussion (meaning she won't hate my fam and I won't hate hers).  It's kinda simple:  my family may be weird, different or uncommon... but they are MINE.  So step off, basically.  I think that's fairly explanatory.

I'm proud to say that I don't have to many enemies in life.  Just a few, actually.  It's fascinating they would ever read my entries, given they don't speak to me, my hubs or my kids.  There really would be no reason for them to have a opinion about anything I write.

But apparently they do.  So hopefully this entry helped you out a bit if you happen to be one of those people.  Or just piss you off more.

Either way, have a great Saturday! 


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  1. *@ck em if they can't take a joke. ;) MUAH! Love you!!