Monday, July 09, 2012

Stretching the Cord

Ugh... I miss my KID!

I talk to Jer almost every single day.  Gotta be some kind of record for a grown man to call his mom every day 4 years after he has left home.  Always the same...

Bub:  'Sup, momma'.
Me:  Nothin'.  'sup with you?
Bub:  Just woke up from a nap.
Me:  That sounds productive.

And so it goes.  Although I promise he didn't ALWAYS just awake from a nap.  But most of the time.  He would call me after a nap with E (although E wasn't awake yet).  Or so he said (I promise I never heard him screaming in the background so he must have been sleeping!)

Oh what I wouldn't give to hear his voice right now!

All I can say is I am so glad that we don't pay for long distance the way we used to or I'd be a broke mamajama in about 4 days after they move.

When hubs and I first met he traveled.  A LOT.  He was never home and at the worst times.  He would leave town on a Wednesday and come home on Sunday.  On the weekends I didn't have Jeremy.  Which would leave me all alone with my young girl maturity.  I would sob from missing him so much.  My mom would seriously look at me and shake her head.  She had been married 37 years and was 5 years post divorce at this time and had more pain and anguish than I could possibly fathom at 20 so she knew I was being stupid.  But ah, young love.

So we did what all couples did in the early 90's.  We sat on the phone.  The CORDED phone.  Thank god my mom still had the throw back, 30 ft corded kitchen wall phone that I could stretch all over the house to find things to sit on, lay on and stretch out on because these calls were L O N G.  He would call me when he finished work and dinner with coworkers, usually around 9 pm (which was perfect because Bub was in bed by then) and we would talk until 2 am.  Or 3 am.  Until both of us were falling asleep on the phone.  Typical young romance.  "You hang up first.  No, you hang up first.  Okay, let's hang up together."

And we wrote each other.  Goofy, I realize.  He was only gone 4 days per trip.  But keep in mind this averaged 26 weeks out of the year that he was gone so to me, he was never here.  So I sent him cards.  LOTS of cards.  Some wouldn't even get to his hotel before checkout and they would mail them back to me.  Some I would address wrong (his favorite... Venus, CA (instead of Venice)).  He may as well have been on Venus for all I knew.  I had only left my tiny town three times in my life by then (Disney and Branson with Dad and one Florida trip with my ex and his family).

So I get what Kate is going through.  It's anguish, not seeing and talking to the person you love.  But we are almost there.  My count down dropped into the thirties yesterday so I feel a new sense of accomplishment time wise.  We can do ANYTHING for 30 days!!  

I found the cutest t-shirt online for E this weekend.  It said on the back "It's been 221 days since I've hugged my mom" and this little boy was hugging his military mom.  Aww.  E's would only say 60 days though, thank god.  Doesn't seem so long compared to 221.  Let's hope we don't have to many of those time spans over the course of the coming years.

Happy Monday, friends!


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