Sunday, July 22, 2012

Born to Run

Another week of  running down!  Hubs and I start our "official" training schedule (16 weeks) in two weeks but we have been pre-training to get our miles up before Hal Higdon starts kicking our asses.

I'm so freaking excited to report I have NO remaining pain from the Warrior Dash Debacle!  Woo hoo!  I'm running 10 to 15 miles a week with no pain in my ankles.  Oh don't get me wrong, my hips and IT bands are screaming at me.  But no pain in the ankles! Guess it's time to dust off the foam roller once again.

I'm so excited to jump in.  Hubs and I have printed calendars for the next 4 months and for those of you that know me, I love them.  They are like to-do lists for me.  Something to check off once accomplished.  I am totally going to buy us some stickers.

Not our actual calendar- just a substitute :)

Yes, I'm 5.

Seriously though - I've been reading around the blogosphere about runners that give themselves rewards... real rewards (not the sticker kind) each week during training.  I'm SO down for that!

How in the world will I come up with these?  Oh yeah... 18 hours in the car with my daughter did it!  Crazy our similarities since she is building rewards for nugget at the same time I'm trying to come up with stuff for hubs and I.  Ah, circle of life.

Bubba wasn't much of a "reward system" kind of kid.  He was more of the "scream your head off and lecture until your eyes bleed" kind.  Obviously that worked!  Hey, I'm not trying out for mom of the year anytime soon so just relax.  I couldn't incent Jer to do anything.  If he wasn't going to do it, then he just wasn't.  Period.

My little guy though is a HUGE reward system kid.  He LOVES recognition, celebrations for his successes, sports wins, etc.  With each award he is given he pushes himself harder to get to the next one.  Especially money.  If he knows I'm going to give him a dollar he will do just about anything.  And he hoards money (thank GOD).  Never impulsive, he thinks through every future purchase with great thought.  I am so lucky he is just like hubs!

So I can't WAIT to get started.  I can't wait for our first reward!  We've gotta have SOME incentive to putting over 500 miles on our bodies in the next 4 months!

Happy Sunday, friends!  


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