Thursday, July 26, 2012

I Always Feel Like, Somebody's Watchin' Me

With just over 20 days left in boot camp, Bubba hit one out of the park.

He was promoted to Starboard Watch Section Leader.

What is that you ask?  Good question.  We have no idea.  Except we know he is responsible for organizing, scheduling and standing watches (he has now learned how to sleep standing up~ a skill hubs and I have always known he had).

Here's what I do know:  check out where he is on their org chart!

He's the SWSL, 4 steps under the top of the chart.  Tells me all I need to know!

Here is his actual job description:  

Port and Starboard Watch Section Leaders (PWSL/SWSL) (RPO1)

The Port/Starboard Watch Section Leaders are the senior Recruit Petty Officers for respective watch sections.

The Starboard Watch Section Leader (SWSL) shall serve as the division's watchbill coordinator.  Watchbills will be prepared and subsequently submitted to the RDCs via the RCPO.
The Port Watch Section Leader (PWSL) shall coordinate the rotation of the ship watchstanders with the RDCs.

He is daily contact with the Recruit Chief Petty Officer... the main dude in charge.  That is the most AWESOME part to me.  He is being noticed.  He isn't hanging back in the crowd and just "getting through".  He is participating, he is volunteering, he is working hard.

Ah... my pride cup runneth over.

In my letter to him today I reminded him of situations in his life where he has led others successfully.  He has many experiences to draw upon.  Those experiences, even frustrating at the time, have shaped and molded him into the man he is today.

And what a man he is.

Have a great Thursday, friends!


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