Saturday, July 07, 2012

Phantom Feeling

Morning, friends!  

Well, we survived the Great Tooth Holocaust of 2012.  Poor little guy.

Yesterday Coop had 8 (yes, you read that correctly... EIGHT) teeth pulled at the dentist.  Oh, ahem... the "Oral Surgeon".  He loves to say that he went to a SURGEON.  Lord help me.

This was the 5th pudding pop!  Please ignore the stuffed animals...

He did beautifully.  He walked in with his head high, he walked to the back unwavering.  Plopped in the chair like he was getting his teeth cleaned by his fave dentist.  He acted like it was just another day.

I was TERRIFIED.  A woman in the lobby that had an appointment in front of us walked to the back, broke down in tears and came back out to reschedule.  She was terrified.  But not Coop.

Granted, he did ask me one question that illustrated his tiny concern:  "Hey mom, if something were to go wrong, not saying that anything would go wrong, but if something could go wrong, what would that be?"  He was trying to get his arms around what he should be concerned about.  Because clearly people should be afraid of the dentist.

He's had such a lucky lot in life with those chompers of his.  Other than never losing them (he hangs onto them until they literally just fall out in the midst of conversation), he has never had a cavity.  He brushes without to much complaint.  He'll have to wear braces and headgear and rubber bands through all of his awkward puberty but hey, we can't have it all.

As he was sucking down egg drop soup last night, he asked me how long he would have to wait to get braces on his teeth.  Went a little like this:

CD:  Hey mom, when do I get the braces on my teeth?
Me:  Well bud, we just pulled all your teeth so it would be best to wait until the big ones come in.  Probably around December or January.
CD:  So I'll wear this gauze in my mouth until then?

Oh lord.  And he was dead serious.  As if we were gonna make him wear gauze in his mouth for 6 months.  And the kicker?  He was going to be okay with that.

That boy is a crack up.  I have no idea where he gets that.

Happy Saturday, friends!  Please eat tons of caramel for Coop for the next few weeks!


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