Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Growl is NOT as Bad as My BITE!

Lord help me.  I'm an irate firecracker right now.

In talking with my Navy buddy down the street he divulged a few things I didn't quite know (or understand) about boot camp.  Granted, his experience was many years ago but it seems possibly some things just don't change.

He was asking me how I was feeling this week.  Wanted to know if I had heard anything from Bubba.

Nope, I replied sheepishly.  I haven't heard from him directly but he did send Kate a nice letter.  I told him he had indicated to her that he had to shine his boots for 4 hours before he could mail her the letter.

And he dropped the bombshell on me.

PP ~ Gotta tell ya girl, you probably won't hear from him directly at all.
Me ~ Why is that?  Doesn't he get just a slice of time maybe to write his mom one paragraph?
PP ~ Um, it's not really the time aspect.  They hold letters over Recruits heads.  Not only sending them but opening them, too.
Me ~ Uh, what?  You mean they don't give him his correspondence?
PP ~ No, not right away anyway.  They use it to get them to do stuff they want them to do.  Mind tricks.
Me ~ That is SO not right!  I've written him EVERYDAY since he left!  You mean he isn't getting my letters?!?!?
PP ~ Sorry.  Probably not.  He will probably get them on his last day.

I wanted to bawl and probably would have had I not been in a big group of people.  So I struck like all true Scorpios manage anger and fear.

Me~ Well, that's just stupid.  I can't wait to get up there and kick someone's ass for being such a damn bully to my kid!  They better get ready for me!!

Laughter erupts among the men.

I mean really - how stupid is this?  He can't even be GIVEN my letters to read?  I'm so pissed.

I get the military needs to "strengthen" our men but don't you think family support would help in the strengthening process?

I can't wait for him to get this part done.  Even if he has to get on a ship and leave for 7 months he would be able to write, call, text, email or something with me.  This is ridiculous.  Brave or not, this is stupid.

And that's how I feel today.  Thanks for letting me vent, friends.  Three weeks down, 5 to go.  Almost halfway!

Happy Wednesday!



  1. Sorry Jiff. The Military is AWFUL in the first few weeks. Not only will they not give them the letters but if you send something that could even possibly be construed as sweet or sentimental, they'll ridicule them mercilessly. Joey told me in no uncertain terms, "DO NOT SEND ME ANYTHING IN BOOT CAMP". I was crushed but honored his wishes. The good news is, as soon as boot camp is over, he'll be considered a person again and get to be treated like one.

  2. Yep, sure didn't need to read the above. Damn it.

  3. I'm so sorry, Kate. :( Joey was in Marine boot camp. Maybe it's not as bad in the Navy. ?? Either way, it'll all be over soon and you'll get your other half back so you can be whole again.