Thursday, July 05, 2012


I love my friends that encourage my dreams.  They listen to me drone on and on about my future tiny house, minimalist living and going off the grid without judgement.  They entertain my notions about living on a beach in an Airstream (or in a van, down by the river at least).  And they don't crush them, even if they doubt they may ever come to fruition.  They just smile and tell me I'm cool for having dreams.

So my latest dream?  I want to live on a pontoon.  Yep.  Full time.  Why not?  I'm sure if it was in the right place I'd have everything I need.  Because let me just tell you peeps... if you REALLY give some serious thought to what it is you exactly NEED in this life, it sure as hell isn't a KitchenAid mixer (although I seriously am in love with mine a lot of times).  It isn't the 47 sized slotted spoons in my drawer.  And it certainly isn't the banana hammock (yes, I am writing in the kitchen... shut it).

So that takes me to my new love:  I'm totally in love with Little Big Town's new song Pontoon.  Click here for the fab song experience:  Pontoon

Seriously - read these lyrics!

Back this hitch up into the water 
Untie all the cables and rope 
Step onto the astro turf 
Get yourself a coozie 
Let's go 

On the pontoon 
Makin' waves and catchin' rays up on the roof 
Jumpin' out the back, don't act like you don't want to 
Party in slow motion 
Out here in the open 

Who said anything about skiin'? 
Floatin' is all I wanna do 
You can climb the ladder 
Just don't rock the boat while I barbeque 


Reach your hand down into the cooler 
Don't drink it if the mountains aren't blue 
Try to keep it steady as you recline on your black intertube 


I couldn't find a more suited description of the laid back life.  Well, unless I had picked a Kenny Chesney song.  I even want their shirt to show my appreciation for their fabulousness in wordsmithing!

See, simple life.  Totally fun.  Totally me.

Happy Thursday, friends!



  1. LOVE! Y'all need to come up and go out on the boat with us one day. Nothing like relaxing on a lake with friends. :)

    1. YES, we would LOVE that!!! Just say when! :)