Friday, July 06, 2012


Well, it's officially hot.  AFRICA HOT.  Unless you live under a rock, most of our great nation is under a massive drought and it's a zillion degrees.  Except in Portland.  It's beautiful in Portland.  Go figure.

So it's time for another week of Friday Faves!  I get a ton of feedback on my picks, which seems a bit funny to me since it's just stuff I want, or stuff I want to do, or stuff I want to see.  But all of them are ALWAYS things I fall in love with immediately.  Because I do that.  It's just who I am.



The weather dudes (and girls) have NOTHING to do right now.  All they keep saying is "It's gonna be hot today".  Seriously?!  I can totally do that job!  So here ya go.. this one's for you.  A-holes.


Hubs and I went to Maui a few years ago and found that if you sit at the swim up bar and drink about a hundred of these beautiful concoctions, you won't realize how hot it is outside anymore.  It totally works, you should try it.  Little did we know that they were $10 a pop.  Oh well.  Your liver only lives once.  The Lava Flow... click here for the recipe.  Lava Flow


Anyone in a region with snow absolutely knows what a snow angel is, but who makes sand angels?  Um... ME!  How great is this.  I absolutely love the sand.  I don't care if it gets in my oil on my skin, in between my toes or even up my suit.  Who cares.  The warm feel of sand beneath my body makes me happy, happy, happy.  And if it's gonna be 105 degrees, might as well spend the time at the BEACH!


Hubs and I have some talks lately about how to celebrate our big (ahem) wedding anniversary next summer.  We're kicking around beachy ideas mostly.  So of course, this came to my mind.  My brother went on a trip to Belize years ago and when he came home he was so excited to talk about his adventures.  Yep, this probably needs to be on our list.


Oh, what a GREAT summer sandwich!  Simple, really.  Avocado, spinach, pesto, mozzerella grilled cheese.  MUST TRY NOW!!


I love Chesney, of course.  But I also love memories that songs provide me.  I'll never be able to listen to this song without thinking of my beautiful niece, Jecca.  The first time I heard this song was at her high school graduation after party.  And I'll never forget that day.  It was the first time I looked at her as a woman and not a little girl. 


I couldn't help but post this.  I love these stupid, sarcastic e-cards.  They crack me up!  This one is perfect for me - I have absolutely, positively NO idea of what to wear right now in this weather.  Pretty much everything sans bikini sticks to me, is to hot and holds in my sweaty mess.  And it's supposed to be this hot for at least another week (98* + weather!).


I love this!  I am totally making one for Kate.  It looks JUST like our anchors, too!  We remind ourselves daily that this is an amazing adventure.


My fam LOVES 'maters.  I'm babysitting a friend's garden for the week while she is on vacay, so I get to enjoy a few of these yummos on her.  I'm so pissed we haven't been to the Farmer's Market yet this year.  Who wants to get up that early on a Saturday??


I love the sun.  I absolutely do.  Sometimes to much (I'm fried right now), but I still keep getting in it.  I get it from my momma, however I didn't get her Cherokee Indian skin type (thanks A LOT, mom!).  So when I get overly excited and slather up with bronzer, accelerator or oil, I burn.  Ouchie.  But I still love it.  Must be the vitamin D boost I love.  I spend all summer outside somewhere, preferably where there is water.

Have a GREAT Friday, friends!!


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