Thursday, May 10, 2012

Friends For Life

I'm so freakin' excited!  I have another new BFF!  It's such a great thing that my truest best friend in the whole entire world knows and understands my crazy tendencies to fall in and out of admiration with others and NOT be jealous.  She is such a rock star.  I need to tell her that today.

I have a very tight knit group of super friends in my 'hood.  Five couples, really... so 10 super friends. Of course I'm friends with ALL my neighbs but these 10 have a special little nugget of my heart and I would jump in front of a bus for them.  I'm not sure I would do that for just anyone, especially friends that are conditional. 

Well, that number just went up!

We have known some friends that live on the other side of the 'hood for a few years now, with their oldest son playing football with Coop.  I've chatted with both mom and dad during practices, games and year end parties.  We even trick or treated together last year with our kids (which was WAY more fun for us adults than the kids!)  But to really get to know each other, you have to get a little muddy.

Bundy's joined us for Warrior Dash festivities this year and what a blast we had!  They are truly sarcastic... both of them.  If you know me, you know sarcasm is totally lost on me (which is why most of my friends are sarcastic... they like to pick on me!)  I'm always the one in the group that will do anything and believe anything I'm told.  Extremely literal.  I take everything as gospel ~ why would anyone lie?  So naive.

Our festivities continued onto another neighb's Cinco de Mayo party Saturday night and the real fun continued.  Hellcat (aka mom) is HILARIOUS.  I can barely keep up.  The couple banter exactly like Davis and I.  Destined to be married for life (because it's to exhausting to consider divorce and coparenting!)  I knew we would be lifelong friends when she dropped trowel next to my neighbs air conditioner because the potty was to far away.  Yep, I'm in love.

So now I'm addicted.  I want to see them every day.  I had so much fun laughing with them I cannot WAIT until we can all get together again.  Better be this weekend.  I seriously can't go very long without seeing them again.

It's good to be me.  I'm gonna start signing my texts to her LYLAS.  Yep, I'm from the 80's!

Happy Thursday, friends!


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