Monday, May 28, 2012

We Salute YOU!

Our military is so freakin' awesome.  I didn't always think that, to be honest.

When I was a little girl, my dad would always tease me about the fact we were a "military family."  I find this comical now only because I never spent a second of my lifetime in the military.  My grandfather served and my dad served but neither of them active duty once I came along.  I lived in the same house for 36 years!  Clearly I did not have the full military family experience.

The expectation though (not really) was that all of us kids would go into the military after high school.  Yep, including me.  Being that I was not (am not) very girly girl, my dad thought this would be suitable for me.  Mind you this was the 80's so there weren't a lot of women in the military at that time.  Oh, sign me up.  I'm such a trail blazer.

When I would lay around on Saturday mornings being a typical kid watching Underdog, my dad would lecture me endlessly on the virtue of being "productive".  Ugh.  Was he never a kid?  Apparently not.

Hence the reason I was supposed to enlist.  Yeah, right.  So instead I told him I wanted to be a lawyer because I was good at arguing.  Then I got knocked up and changed my mind about both options.

And that's life.

Today, however, with Jer's impending departure to serve our great country, I am no longer bitter about the military.  So the opposite.  What an awesome institution.  I cannot believe what these men and women sign up to do for my freedom.  Completely selfless if you ask me.  I'm so proud.

Although I've never really celebrated this day other than drinking tall cold Millers and firing up the BBQ, this year we are truly celebrating the real meaning of the day.  And this may be my new favorite day of the year.  It's a close one.

Happy Memorial Day to all of those who have already served or are serving our great nation.  Live each day knowing that we are appreciative of the generous and unwavering dedication you have to ensure we are all safe and sound.  You are LOVED!


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