Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Midlife, Schmidlife

Geesh, what is it with people?  My saga with my leg continues, shocking I know.

I took my results of my tests this weekend into my doc yesterday.  Convo was interesting with the staff.

Front Desk when I called to make the appt:

"Ma'am, can you explain why you need to see the doc?"

"Yep, I fell and broke my leg.  I need it re x-ray'd and I gotta lose this air cast."

"Um... how did you break it?"

Seriously.  I SO don't want to have this conversation with the front desk chic.

"I fell off a fire pole at Warrior Dash this weekend."

Wait for it....

"You did WHAT?"

Ugh.  Come on peeps, it's not THAT foreign that a mom would be looking for a little adventure.

My visit was actually worse.  Nurse comes in, takes my BP (94/60 ~ no stress here!) and starts her own battery of questions, once again.

"Um, I see by your chart Ms. Davis that you fell off a... can you please explain what you did again?"

"Well, Ms. Judgemental, I was swinging on the brass pole in my bedroom and I accidentally fell..."

I have to make stuff up now.  It's too much.  I'm so tired of trying to explain this.

"Ma'am ~ in looking at your file, I see that you are 40.  I am also 40.  It sounds to me like you 
may be having a midlife crisis."

OH MY GOD.  I almost came out of my chair at this stupid woman.

"Yes, you must be right.  Good thing I didn't decide to have an affair instead."

She blushed, apologized and left the room.  Good.  I'm SO not explaining my need to be healthy to someone so obviously short sighted.

Right?  Am I really having a midlife crisis?  I thought that was done when I turned 36, my Bubba graduated and left home.  Surely not now... again?

Then I decided she was just jealous.  She wanted a boot just like me.  Oh well.  Dream on, sister.  I worked hard for this boot!!

Happy hump day, friends!


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