Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday is MY Fun Day!

My hubs is a stud.

He continues to train without me (now 2 weeks) and makes me so proud.  This morning we all got up at 5:30 (yes, little guy was SO excited about that) and head out to the 4th annual 10k for Tin Cans run benefiting Harvesters.  We were all three signed up (Coop the 100 yard Kids Dash, us the 10k) but of course I was not able to run it.  Ugh!  I'm so over this stupid boot.  Yes, I know... keep it on, let it heal, blah, blah, blah.  I absolutely despise patience.  Such a pain in the ass.

I have to admit I was pretty sad when he took out.  Jealous is more like it.  I like running with him ~ we laugh and talk a lot when we run.  It's bummed me out to miss that time together.  So instead I cheered him off and pouted.

This race was the smallest race I have seen and it was quite refreshing.  Usually lost in a sea of people, I'm thinking there were less than 100 at the starting line.  Probably because it was a 10k only (no 5k add on), which personally I love.  I think more race coordinators should host 10k runs for people that are training for longer distances.

Little guy and I sat and played a 1,000 games of Mancala (one of our faves) while awaiting Dad.  When we saw him round the bend before the finish, he had a giant smile on his face.  My jealousy left me (at least temporarily) and I jumped up and down even with my stupid boot in excitement!  He had such a great run, made fantastic time at right around 10 1/2 minute miles and obviously was having fun.  Awesome.

To top it off, little guy placed first in the 100 yard dash.  Happiness all around.

Now onto the Hill.  I tried to keep my boot off all day Saturday and payed for it dearly Saturday night.  Today I've got the dumb thing back on and commit to wearing it one more week.  I'm determined to get it off before next weekend - we are 2 weeks out from the 1/2 and I'm thinking if nothing else I could run half of it and walk the rest maybe?  Big shut it to the preachers... I already know I shouldn't!  Have you ever tried to wrestle an alligator?  Yep, that's me.  Fiercely determined.

Oooh - and little guy just finished a weekend with 3 baseball wins.  Today he hit a true double and got two people out at first.  He is a giant rock star, too.

Hubs showed me a great motto today from Men's Humor twitter feed.  I'll have to paraphrase to stay G.  "Dear Monday, back the hell up... I've got some drinkin' to do tonight." ~ Sunday Fun Day       I like it!

Happy Sunday, friends!  


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