Monday, May 21, 2012

Friday Night Lights

Hubs and I joined the rest of my work family last weekend for a fun night out at Kauffman Stadium.  Friday night games are an awesome way to watch our Royals!  It was Buck Night ($1 hot dogs, sodas, chips), firework Friday night and PERFECT weather!  

Have I mentioned lately that I love my work family?  They are fantastic.  We all get along so well, it's like a living the Duggar life (only with a lot more kids).  We tease each other and even bicker sometimes but in the end, we are all hugging it out.

Little guy had a game reschedule on the same night so unfortunately neither one of us were at his game?  Best replacement?  BIG BROTHER!  I love these moments when the two of them spend quality time together.  And because of their age difference, the boys get along famously.  Little guy worships Bubba in every way a little brother could.  Add on of course that Jer is enlisted and he now thinks he's a godsend out to save our country.  From Obama, of course.  Because we are brainwashing him that way.

It turned out to be a great date night, laughing with good friends, having a few tall cold ones and watching our beloved Royals lose.  No worries, we are used to it.

Happy Monday, friends!


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