Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Got a Minute?

Happy May Day!  I cannot believe this year is flying by so fast.  Remember when we were little and it seemed like it would take FOREVER from January to May until the pool opened?  Not anymore!

I signed my life away yesterday.  More importantly, all my money.  It's crazy the amount of money we spend on our kids today.  We strive to make our kids diverse to prepare them for the future, so we put them into every club, sport and group we can to get them "influence".  Oh, and keep them out of trouble.  Isn't that the line?  "If my kid is busy, then they can't get into trouble."  Wrong.  Trust me, where there is a will....

Little guy's summer is jam packed.  Tennis camp, football camp, basketball camp, baseball, summer day camp, swimming lessons... and that's just half of it.  There will be sleep overs, birthday parties, 'hood parties, concerts and the like.  Oh, and my oldest is leaving for the Navy during all of this, leaving my sweet daughter and g'son here. 

I think I want to sign up for a camp.  Somewhere I get to go every day from 8:30 - 4:30.  Oh wait- I am signed up for one.  It's called WORK.


I haven't planned anything for the fam (not like I can really, with all that stuff going on) and I'm beginning to feel a little stressed about it.  We don't usually go on long vacations anyway (see above itinerary) but even a weekend away seems to be totally out of reach.  Thank god I run.  Otherwise I might lose my mind.

There is some comfortability in scheduling our lives but I yearn for the time in my life to arrive when I don't live by this strict of a schedule.  Multiple calendars, sign up sheets, to-do lists all over the place.  Don't get me wrong, I certainly love this phase of my life.  I'm just equally excited about the next one :).

One can dream!

Happy Tuesday, friends!


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