Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Memories Defined

In gathering pictures for Bub's going away party I can't help but be a bit sad.  I wish my momma had taken more photos of me when I was a kid.  The baby of the fam (of 4 kids) spread out over 15 years, my momma was T I R E D.  I'm also certain that following a daughter with special needs added additional stress to my momma and she probably just didn't have the energy to snap away.  My memory unfortunately is not as sharp as my hubs... I can't remember specific events in my childhood without a visual picture to snag my recall skills.  It saddens me that I don't have more photos to look back on now.

What I love most about this project is seeing the transformation my son has made from a little boy to a man.  He had the opportunity last week to spend an entire day with my best friend (who of course to him is his Aunt Jenn) and I loved my follow up convo w/the bestie.

Bestie:  J ~ he's a MAN now.  When did that happen?

Me:  Um... about 4 years ago?

Bestie:  Yeah, but seriously... when did that happen?

Yep, it goes that fast.  Yesterday I went into labor in her apartment and today, he is a man.

I felt the same way when I spent an evening with my niece (her oldest) last month.  How can time fly so fast?  I remember standing in the delivery room with that little princess as she entered the world?!

I try to keep that in mind as I snap photos of little guy.  I try to record the memories as best as I can realizing that one day it will only be a memory. 

I love being a mother of an adult son.  I chat with him on the phone last night as I lay in bed until I was to tired to talk any longer and it was the best.  I can't believe this is the same teenager I was exhausted by all the time.  I guess God actually has a plan to all of this child rearing madness (although I have NO idea what it actually is...)

Just a couple of pics to share my big guy and his transformation!

My favorite picture of all time... pouty Jer, 18 months

And still... my serious man, snuggling with my nugget

Happy Tuesday, friends!

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