Sunday, May 27, 2012

Mr. Intimidating

Hubs wins another blog spot. 

TD and I have been together for a L O N G time.  Almost 20 years this fall (19 married).  We can finish each others sentences (and I often try because I talk way faster than he does).  We love to cook together, run together and just hang out.  We're one of those weird couples that really do kinda like each other, strange enough.  But there are a few things as with all relationships that we are very, very different.  One in particular has become quite interesting.

When we first married, I was very vocal about my son, my job, my likes and dislikes.  I think it's because I had been married previously and I knew exactly what I did NOT want from my life partner!   I could articulate my feelings at all times.  If I was mad, I was screaming.  If I was sad, I was bawling.  Pretty much an open book.  As I've gotten older though, I have learned to bite my tongue, bide my time, hold back when necessary.  And I let a lot of things roll off my shoulders, because somethings are just not that important.

On the flip side, Davis has done the opposite.  When I first met him, I found him to be pretty introverted, almost shy at times and not very vocal about a lot of things.  He was extremely patient (thank GOD or we probably wouldn't be married anymore!) and he didn't seem to get to excited about things.  I am convinced it was so he could help me through the insanity of parenting with my ex, but nonetheless he was a saint in the process. 

 think once he started back to work after being a FAB stay at home dad with little guy things started to shift a bit.  For starters, he had just finished college and rerouted his career into finance, where he became a credit manager.  He has to wrangle a zillion sales reps and make sure they collect on their accounts as well as extend credit to new customers and watch all the money.  It's awful, but he loves it.  But as you can imagine, he now has to manage these crazy, ADD spastic sales reps (not much different than the one he's married to).  It's made him a TON more vocal and quite frankly, he doesn't take anyone's crap or excuses anymore!  Suffice it to say it is spilling over into my personal space and I don't like it much.

Sure, it's nice to have someone stick up for you.  NOBODY on the planet has my back more than that man.  He'd literally take a bullet for me.  Or give one.

That's what he tried to do today.  We went to a local restaurant/bar for dinner tonight and didn't realize it was Battle of the Bands night.  Ugh.  Dumb kids trying to play guitar and drums and sing at the same time.  With all their friends cheering for them.  But we were starving and out of patience so we stayed anyway.  After waiting 15 minutes at an empty table for our waitress, I should have known it wasn't going to go well.  She was flighty, wouldn't write anything down but couldn't remember stuff to even make it back to her computer screen 5 feet away.  It was loud, hot and she was awful.  But then it was so much worse.  On her way to deliver a cold Miller Lite to the hubs, she knocked the one in front of him right in his lap.  And all over his plate full of food.  Yeah... not great.

Not only does he know these people (they are one of his accounts) and they never pay on time, now he's out for this girls head.  And she won't stop apologizing, which is making it worse.

His blood pressure was rising right in front of my face.  He barked at her "um, I need another plate."  No more nice words like please and thank you.  She's red faced and starts to avoid us.

We didn't get our bill until 20 minutes after she cleaned our table.  She would walk around and talk to everyone but us.  I'm sure she was humiliated.  Hubs wanted to kill her.

Luckily she discounted our bill when it arrived.  Otherwise I am certain he would have made a giant scene.  He told me he was going to make her at least give him his 1/2 beer and one slice of pizza she ruined.

I wanted to hide under the table.  I asked him to just take little guy and go get the car, I would pay.  Nope.  He wanted to stare at her while she gave us the check.  One last dirty look before we walked out.

I would never have done that, and he knows that.  Someone could spill my entire food on my lap and I would apologize to them for feeling clumsy.  I have never sent my food back for any reason.  I hate confrontation.  Unless it's for my kids of course.

So we've switched roles in our old age.  I guess that's okay.  Tells me he won't jam me into a nursing home and let someone be mean to me while I drool on myself.  As long as he doesn't go in there first.

Happy Sunday, friends!  


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