Thursday, May 24, 2012

Rain Makes Corn

It appears it's almost time for me to find a new home.  In the 4 years we have lived in our home, the zillion acres behind our house that is apparently owned by the Mormon Church and farmed each year has yielded tons of soybean and winter wheat crops.  I am quite fond of the process ~ watching the giant machines roll in and prepare the land, the uniquely formed rows of green plants growing uniformly.  I can stare out at this farmland from my living room, breakfast nook and back patio.  It's really relaxing.

Except now.

For whatever reason (probably some scientific soil rotation idea) the farmers had a different idea this year.  Hence my concern for needing to depart.

They planted my most dreaded nightmare.  CORN.

I'm sure you are wondering as a Missouri girl why this would ever bother me.  Surely you grew up around corn fields, right?

Touche`.  But it is so much worse. 

A little short story written in 1977 by my fave horror writer. Thanks Stephen King.

At 13 years old, I watched the screenplay of this wretched book.  Children of the Corn tormented my dreams for YEARS.  I was extremely sensitive to horror movies as a teenager so no doubt this one haunted me.  And still does.

And now it's growing outside my windows.  70 feet away.  What can I do?

Thank GOD I'm not training right now, because I can promise you I would NOT be running alongside these fields on the road to my neighborhood.

To top it off, my neighb is excited about the corn because now he can hunt in it undetected.  Seriously.

Guess I'll be searching out some tiny house listings this weekend.  Sooner than later!



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  1. Seriously! Are we TWINS???? I passed on at least 3 different houses, that I absolutely LOVED, on my house hunt when we were moving to Illinois. Specifically because of THAT movie and the completely irrational fear that it left in me! One was the cutest farm house built in the 1800's. GORGEOUS home on 5 acres. Surrounded on 3 sides by acres and acres of corn. All I could picture was me at home all day, alone, and Molokai coming out of the corn and killing me with his sickle!!! (I also have issues with being on a lake at night because I'm convinced that Jason is going to rise up and kill me right in my boat.) :/ And btw, I'm pretty sure you and I watched it together one sleepover. Stupid, stupid teenage girls.......