Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What's the Plan?

Everyone always thinks boys are so much easier.  Yeah, right.  Don't get me wrong... I am so thankful I had two boys!  They are true loves of my life.  I absolutely adore them.  But oh, how I wish I would have had a daughter.

And then I did.

I unequivocally, unconditionally love my daughter in law.  We get along so well that sometimes I have to remember that she only came to me because of my son.  Or divine intervention.  That might be a better explanation.

We have the best conversations.  I love when we can just sit back and talk (which always ensues hysterical laughter, usually at the expense of my son).  I'm so glad he doesn't read my blog!

We had this actual conversation this weekend:

K:  Mom, I still don't know exactly how and when Bub is leaving.

Me:  Well, I'm sure the government has purchased his ticket.  No way they buy them within 30 days of departure.  They'd be to expensive.

K:  Yes, I agree.  But I don't know when.

Me:  Do you think Bub knows when?

K:  If he did know, he doesn't know now.

And so it goes... we laugh.  We are in teen digits of his departure and we have no idea how and when this whole thing is going to work.  If Bub knows, he has forgotten or hasn't conveyed it to us when we ask repeatedly.  We sigh with joy (and frustration) of the situation. 

A big reason we get along so well is that we are both planners!  Oh sure, things can be spontaneous.  If they are planned that way.  'cause we just gotta know.

At least we can be confused together.  God love that boy.  We'll get him shipped out of here one way or another!

Happy Wednesday (on a short week!), friends!

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