Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Bummer Legs

I love my blog readers!  You guys are seriously the best!!  I love that my writing extends beyond my computer screen.  People call me, email and text me about my writings all the time (or lack of).  I even got chastised this weekend for NOT blogging when I was supposed to (apparently I help people have a regulated morning... a little TMI but I am so excited they faithfully read!)  I promise to be a bit more diligent and please be patient, I'm trying to crank out a book simultaneously for god's sake! :)

Alas, I have bad news.  Not only did I hurt myself at Warrior Dash Saturday, I really hurt myself.  Yesterdays doc appointment showed two severe sprains (both ankles) and a fractured fibula.  Yep, I broke my leg.  I didn't realize it because the fibula is a non-weight bearing bone so of course, I kept running anyway.

Which is completely me.

I am so determined.  It's not about winning it's just about NOT losing.  I don't want to let myself down... ever. 

With 25 days to the Hospital Hill 1/2 marathon, I'm in a cast.  Fantastic.

Hubs is being the most awesome trooper ever about it.  He got up Monday morning and busted out a 5 mile run without me.  This weekend he has 8 and I feel immense guilt that I am not running with him.  I'm investigating options on how I can trail him somehow just to cheer him on.  It's amazing that he is continuing this journey without a partner - I would quit honestly.  It's very hard to train independently.  Short runs are fine, but long runs without a friend make for some difficult mental moments.

Big kudos to the stud hubs and prayers for his training.  If I can figure out how to convince the doc to take this crap off soon enough, I will run with him.  Even if I have to walk.  If I can run a mile and a half on bum ankles and a broken leg, I can surely run 13.1 slowly on recovered legs.

Bum leg before wrap

We shall see.

Happy Tuesday, faithful readers!



  1. Jen, sweetie..........take care of yourself. You may think you feel like walking, etc, but those bones are no longer as young as they used to be. And believe me, any broken bones come back to haunt you in your old age. There are days I don't think I can get out of bed. Your niece, the almost certified PT, will probably tell you the same thing. She is young and can understand your wanting to run, but she also knows how long it takes to heal all those things. Please call me if you need anything, a ride, etc. I am a good errand runner too. We are in L.S. several times a week, so it will be no problem to help you out.
    Love you

  2. I see a scooter in your future! We could even deck it out with a flag and bell!! Maybe, a basket....the options are limitless! Hang in there and let yourself heal!

  3. i am so sorry! i know how bad it bites to not be able to work out. you will be back at it in no time - and your bones are totally young and able!!!