Thursday, May 17, 2012

You Complete Me

I meet new people every day.  In the midst of strange faces stands a person that can motivate me.  Inspire me.  Has a story to share.

I am in constant awe of people and their personal journeys.  Everyone has one, which fascinates me.  Their path has shaped them to become adults.  This, joined with some complex genetics, causes them to be humans.  Separates from the animals.  Makes us each unique.  I think that is why I am confounded when I see someone acting like an ass.  What caused this behavior exactly?  How has it registered morally correct in their mind to be hurtful to another human?  What happened in their personal journey?

I've been pounding research for several weeks for my book and I'm thoroughly exhausted.  Set out to write a "how to" (or rather how NOT to) book, it has morphed into something completely different.  I have always loved to write short stories (in fact have binders full of them) which sit next to my grandmother's poetry on my shelf.  My mom wrote novels of notes, recipes, cards... little bits of inspiration to me.  Even my in-laws have participated in my writing quest by preparing Grandparent Journals for my boys, chronicling their lives for remembrance.  I have every scrap of paper, napkin, card and note my husband has ever written me.  I'm quite fond of the written word.  So that is my new path ~ to write a story about what I know using my own experiences.

This whole blogging thing is fun but a bit of a challenge for me. There are days when I'm cranky and I don't really want to throw up on the world.  There are days when I simply have nothing worth sharing.  But I try to think about how my kids will feel when I am gone from this earth and they want to see what their mother was like... not as a mother, but as a WOMAN.  I yearn to know what my mother was thinking, feeling and doing in her 30's and 40's.  Not as my mom, but as a friend.

So today, I am appreciating those in my inner circle that motivate and inspire me.  Thank you for sharing your stories, your journeys and your life with me.  I appreciate your worth and respect you.  You have amazing strength, dedication and perseverance.  You know who you are :).

Happy Thursday, friends!


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