Saturday, May 12, 2012

Chuck Norris better Watch Out!

And just when you thought you were down....

Yesterday was a LONG day, friends.  I woke up in massive pain, undoubtedly from standing from 8 am to 10 pm on Thursday at my work convention.  I didn't even have to get out of bed to realize I was not feeling fantastic and have a new found pain in my LEFT hip (most likely from walking weird in this boot).  The resort we stayed for our trip was nice but it was built in the 50's and suffice it to say is not very ADA compliant.  I wish I would have worn my pedometer... that would have been interesting.

I took the Vicodin I was so bravely trying to avoid which in turn made me feel weirdo, fuzzy and heavy.  Ugh. Not my fave feeling (although I know lots of people who prefer it!)  While the boys went and played I sat at a table catching up on work emails, attempting to scribe some words for the novel (I really need to give it a nickname...) and basically started to feel sorry for myself.  3 hours + in the car didn't help much and I started really feeling sorry for myself last night.  Pity is such an ugly color.

Alas ~ a savior.  I awoke this morning to the BEST message from a friend that moved a few years ago.  And in that moment, my pity left completely.  I replaced it with PRIDE.  Pride DOES have a beautiful hue to it!

To fill in the blanks, hubs and I had the opportunity to meet a fantastic couple 3 years ago.  They moved into our 'hood from Ohio (I think... they moved a LOT) and we became FAST friends.  DD joined hubs in coaching our little guy in football and what an extreme asset he was!  Instant credibility (he was a rugby player).  And so, our friendship began.  

They had a beautiful baby girl (aka Princess) about 6 months before my nugget came along.  So perfect and fantastic, they are the BEST parents.  Of course their love for one another makes it all the better ~ they clearly worship each other.  Hubs and I were often jealous of how well they treated each other.  And it was clear she was the center of DD's universe (both momma and Princess).

And then... we got the news.  I'll never, ever forget it.  DD knocked on our door one night and asked if he could come in.  He had news to share.  They were moving, relocating, to the east coast.

Oh man.

What I haven't quite clarified is how incredibly important this man has become to hubs.  Not only did he admire him for his amazing success so young in life, but his friendship was unmatched.  I'm pretty certain these boys were brothers somehow.

And so, they moved.  And we miss them, all three of them, all the time.  We talk about them all the time.  Sure we follow them on facebook and try to text / call when we can, but we are both raising families and we are all busy.  But we miss them terribly.

So back to our message this morning... as I'm sitting in bed feeling sorry for myself, I turn on my phone and see a message from our great friend DD.  I'll paraphrase a bit for privacy :):

"My new hero's live in the 'sac at 2220.  Thanks for removing any real reason that I could ever have for being a lazy, fat bum.  I have been following the status of your training.  And it is really cool that you took out Warrior Dash.  2 back surgeries and finished = awesome.

Then the woman you are married.... Warrior Princess, THE JD, Seal Team J.  I am pretty sure that in a fair fight she would take Chuck Norris outright or 10 rounds and maybe lose on points.

You are missed.  Hug Mom and Dad and let them know I am thinking of them (hubs P's).  Push Coop."

And... I'm smiling so big I can barely contain it.  You're right, DD.... I AM a bad ass!  I would totally take on Chuck Norris!  And hubs is out running a long run of 9 miles this morning by himself.  Because he is a bad ass.

I love the Dalton's and I'm so blessed to have them in my life.  With friends like these, no number of enemies could ever stain my life.

So go out there and get YOURS today, friends!  No excuses!!


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