Monday, May 14, 2012

Back in the Saddle

I had a work conference to attend last week and on a spur of the moment decision, I begged decided to bring the fam along.  Kids are so incredibly funny when you slow down enough to listen to them.  You would have thought we took little guy to a 5 star resort on top of the Eiffle Tower by the way he acted when we pulled into the resort.  Mind you, this is a old resort in Central Missouri built in the 50's but you could have never convinced him of that fact.

The resort has a strange name:  Tan-Tar-A.  Weird, I know.  Kind of a Japanese feel to it mixed with rustic lodge.  Yes, again.. weird.  The best part I think of the entire trip is that no matter how many times we corrected him, little guy could NOT remember the name accurately.  Hence, we stayed at Taratan.  Yep.  That's where we stayed.

The resort is filled with onsite activities such as bowling, arcade, mini-golf, swimming, water park, hiking, running, horseback riding.  Of course most of the activities were closed during the week still (it's not our "in season" just yet).  And those that were opened didn't really work well for the gimp.  All good though, I had my own work to do while there so the boys took off on their own.

Fun was found!  They played golf and drove out to Horseshoe Bend (one of our fave places to visit) to have lunch at the Shady Gator where Coop learned the value of looking older than he is (yes, a 24 year old waitress was very kind to him).  Thank god I wasn't there ~ I would have given her the momma stare down and told her to step off my 10 YEAR OLD!  Coop swam and played in the arcade for hours.  We have finally found a talent he doesn't possess... bowling.  Poor kid topped out his night with a 40.  The Wii totally betrayed him.  I guess throwing as hard as you can really isn't an asset if you can't throw it straight.

His score ~ 40.  Ouch!

The trip was long but fun.  My legs were burning fire on Friday so I cherished the car ride home to get my feet up.  I'm so inpatient ~ by the end of the conference when someone would ask me what I had done to my leg I started to come up with new answers.  "My hubs threw me down the stairs... accidentally."  "I fell off a step stool astriding my new thoroughbred."  "I don't quite remember.. it was a long night."  That was my fave.  And people believed me.

Thank god it's Monday ~ I am so ready to get back into the routine of work and life.  Have a great week, friends!


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  1. this one is going to be a lady-killer. He is really a cute little guy.
    Now, for motherly advice. Jen, take care of that leg, do what the dr. says. If you don't, it will haunt you in about 20 years. Can't imagine our Jen walking with a walker.
    Love ya