Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Moving on Up

Another year down!  As my oldest gets ready to ship off to the Navy, my little guy gracefully (and quietly) completed another school year.  Time sure flies.  Other than longer hair, it doesn't appear that 9 months changed him much.  Alas, it has.  My little guy is turning into a MANCHILD.

August, 2011
May, 2012

Recap of the 4th grade, via my witty son:

1.  Deodorant is no longer what I wear when putting on fancy church clothes.  I have to wear it all the time now because I'm 10.

2.  I like girls now.  Not as girlfriends, but friends that are girls.  Only the smart ones.  Most of them are still so ANNOYING because all they do is TALK and TALK.

3.  I want to be a geologist because minerals ROCK.

4.  I want to go to Mizzou Journalism school and be a sports broadcaster.

5.  I want to play football at LSU.

6.  I want to go into the NFL when I grow up.

7.  My brother is going into the Navy and will be trained to save the world.

8.  I like my nephew Eli a lot more now that he can play ball with me.

9.  I learned everything there is to know about Missouri and it's the coolest state ever.

10.  I want my brother to live in Florida so I can spend Christmas there.

11.  I want to learn to play lacrosse in 5th grade.  I already know all the rules.

12.  I was a tight end, pitcher, striker and center.  I love playing sports!

13.  I am so excited to be 11, be in 5th grade, play the trumpet and try out for the school choir.  And I'm still not going to be in Student Council.  Ever.

14.  I learned that I am a really good cooker.  I like being in the kitchen with Dad.


Oh sweet boy.  Stop growing up.  I want you to be little guy forever.  I guess you always will be to me.  Even if you are going to be 7 feet tall.

So proud of you, always!



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  1. What happened to the sweet four year old boy that I met so long ago?!?! He's still so sweet, but he is getting so big!