Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Fantastic Fall Fun!

I'm so freakin' excited!!  The contract on our fantastic rental house is signed, sealed and delivered!

Each year, my gfriends and I rent a house in Hermann, Missouri (about 3 hours southeast of Kansas City).  This little town is well known for it's German roots but more importantly... it's WINERIES.  Yep, there are about 7 wineries in and around this little town in Missouri.  Who knew?  We did, of course!

Although sad that a few of my friends from the last two years can't return this year, I am still super excited about our upcoming adventure.  Of course it's FOREVER from now (in boy speak, 5 months) but as we women know it will be here before we can blink an eye!

This year's group should be fairly comical.  We've sprinkled in some newcomers that I'm certain will mix things up a bit.  Thank god there is a trolley that goes through town and we don't have to drive ANYWHERE (although I'm quite shocked frankly that we didn't get kicked off the trolley LAST year!)

Aside from all the wine and food consumption, the house we rent is absolutely fantastic.  In another life I would buy and live in it full time.  It is so eclectic, awesomely decorated and totally perfect for a group of girls having a fun weekend away.

Hubs is so awesome ~ as we chat last night about the trip I asked him if it bothered him that I was going.  His response (as always) was simple.  "Why would I care if you are gone for a weekend with your friends?  Of course I will miss you, but letting you have fun with your friends always comes back to me tenfold in appreciation!"

So true, Mr. Davis.  I'm so glad you know me so well.

One of our faves - Stone Hill Winery

Happy Wednesday, friends!


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