Friday, May 11, 2012


I am actually embracing my new boot, believe it or not.  It has given me MUCH more time to write!  Sometimes you have to slow down a bit in order to spawn new creativity.

I'm writing this week's faves from Osage Beach (MO) and I have to admit just being in the region near the lake makes me feel "lake relaxed" (even though I'm working).  There is just something about this environment, plus life moves a bit slower in these smaller lake towns.  Maybe that's where the Davis Tiny Home should be?  We shall see...

For now ~ happy Friday, friends!  Below are my fave finds from around the interweb this week.  I hope you enjoy!


Each Wednesday as I settle in to watch my fave show, Revenge, I secretly hope to see Victoria Grayson sitting in the most AWESOME chair I have ever seen!  For her show, it is a high wing back chair (possibly even chair and a half or small settee) that is scripted.  It's fantastic.  I envy it every single time I see it.  So in searching the web this week, I came across a close replica.  AHH!  I'm sure there is a way to custom order this with the writings you want.  Maybe my own book? :)


This is my style completely.  I even have similar wedges and the shorts... just need the shirt.  I'm not a giant accessory person but the necklace is fantastic.  Love it!


I absolutely LOVE spectators at a race.  I know they are there to support their one person, but I could just swear that every time I run past someone and they yell something they are totally supporting ME.  I have busted out laughing at mile 12 over a funny sign like "Don't poop!"  Just cracks me up.  So spectators... THANK YOU for your support!

FAVE MOVIE (today)

I had a total flashback while reading 50 Shades of Grey and the (ahem) unique relationship between Christian and Elena.  It immediately reminded me of The Graduate, which I didn't actually see until well into my 20's.  I love complicated relationships and this certainly was right up there!  Oh, Mrs. Robinson.. you naughty, naughty woman!


I love all things pasta, however, when Mr. Davis placed homemade gnocchi in front of me 12 years ago I thought I was going to die right then (and quite happily!).  Although not technically pasta, the texture and richness completely makes me excited.  And who doesn't love starch?  So finding this recipe this week made me so incredibly happy.  I cannot WAIT to get it on our table a night before a long run!  Click here for this fantastic recipe:  Gnocchi with Zucchini Ribbons


Ah, I love this.  When hubs and I spent the weekend in a secluded cabin earlier this year, the home we stayed in had one of these doors.  What an awesome idea... particularly in a tiny home!  I think I will try to incorporate this if I can to save space!


Yep, I do.  And yes, I do stand up for what I believe in.  And take the consequences sometimes.  And they are totally worth it.


Oh man, I cannot WAIT to make these this summer!  Shout out to my red drinkers Dr. C, Steph and Trai... we are TOTALLY consuming these this summer!! :)


In honor of the Comedy Central awards this week (in which she WON), I'm spotlighting one of my fave new funny gals.  Kristin Wiig first stepped onto the scene in Saturday Night Live alongside Amy Pohler and Tina Fey.  At first, I didn't really care for her much.  Alas, she has grown on me!  You may have not seen her early work, but she hit it out of the park in Bridesmaids (2011).  Love her!


In honor of Cinco de Mayo last weekend, I can attest I ate my weight in guacamole.  Thank you, dear Lord, for giving us the beautiful gift of avocado.  MMMMM!

Have a GREAT Friday, friends!!


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